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The FSAARC VHF QSO Party at Rich Mountain State Park was an overall success with several fine contesters in attendance.  Hugh; WA5R, John; W5ATW and the gang got the antennas assembled and the towers up in short order Saturday morning.  Royce, KE5TC and Levi, WA5WRN were present for the tower raising party and Levi got some great photos! Once the stations were on the air we had time to take a breather and test the stations, confirm our output power and get computers set up for logging. The highlights include a contact with J69MV; a good 2,526 mile double hop to Saint Lucia Island on Saturday made by Roy, K6CKS on 6M.  Another good contact was made to ZF1EJ on Cayman Is. at 1,345 miles one hour later on 6M with Cory, K5GTO at the mic.  Within minutes Cory nailed XE3N in EL60 on the Isla de Cozumel, a very rare six meter contact!  On Sunday morning 6M came alive and Gary, WQ5R took a shift at the six meter station and was immediately pounded.  Gary logged a nice haul to VE2TK in FN25 east of Ottawa racking up a 1,297 mile hop. Gary continued to rack up really great 1200 mile hops into VE2 and VE3, W1 and W2 all morning.  Jimmy, W5JNL served lunch to the crew and Jeff, K5KDX took over as operator and Rory K6CKS logged and the team cranked out a total of 374 contacts on all three bands before going QRT.  There was a lot of good fun, good conversation and good food all weekend.
submitted by Rory Bowers, K6CKS

Field Day Photos

Photos from the 2011 Field Day in Greenwood have been posted on the web gallery. 

Field Day 2011


Thanks to Gloria Fitzgerald, KE5EJR, for the excellent pictures. 


You can see them here.

Museum Ships On The Air

There will be over 60 special event stations located on board museum ships across the U.S. on the air on June 4-5, 2011.  There will be all kinds of ships on the air including the USS Batfish a WWII sub located in Muskogee, OK.  The Broken Arrow club will sponsor the operation from the sub.  There are two Ham stations at the War Memorial Museum in Muskogee, WW2SUB, the Batfish and W2OK the USS Oklahoma.  Only a part of on of the mast from the USS Oklahoma is on display at the museum.   Most of the special event stations will have qsl and certificates available for the contacts made.  If you have time listen to the bands and see how many of the museum ships you can contact.  Two of the FSAARC club members Levi, wa5wrn and Royce, ke5tc will be operating from one of the stations as they are also members of the Broken Arrow group.

Ham Radio for Mac Users

I know there aren't too many of us, but if you're into a Mac and you want to use it for Ham Radio, here's my 2 cents...

There are a number of good programs out there written specifically for the Mac, but if you have your heart set on some of the excellent PC programs that have become very popular (WriteLog, Ham Radio Deluxe, N1MM Logger, DX Lab Suite etc.) then there's still hope for you!

As some of you may know, you can actually run Windows on your Mac using a Mac Utility called Bootcamp. I've known this for a while, but I finally got around to trying it out... and now I'm wondering what took me so long...

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