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Weather Net

Weather Underground PWS KARFORTS14


Weather Net & Emergency Management Coordinators


Senior Skywarn Coordinator

Wayne Johnson


Emergency Management

Coordinator (E.O.C.)

Deborah Kee


Weather Net Repeaters

Organization/SiteFrequencyOffsetPL Tone
Fort Smith Long Range (Cavanal Hill) 146.640 - 88.5
Fort Smith Backup 146.940 - 88.5
Franklin County 145.350 - 151.4
Mount Magazine 147.090 +  
TARC Tulsa Weather Link Network 442.250 + 88.5

Skywarn Reference Card

2011 Reference Card as PDF File

Storm Spotter's Guides

Spotter Quick Reference Guide as PDF File

Basic Spotter's Guide as PDF File

Advanced Spotter's Guide as PDF File (large file)

Operating Procedures

There will be a DOUBLE BEEP & VOICE ANNOUNCEMENTS on the Weather Net Repeater ( 146.640) when there is an active SKYWARN WEATHER NET.

This Skywarn Weather Net is a CONTROL WEATHER NET and all stations should check into net control with their call and location (mobiles should give their current location). Check-ins should be as brief as possible as others will be trying to check in also.

What to Report:

  • Tornadoes
  • Funnel Clouds
  • Rotating Wall Clouds
  • Hail - 1" (Quarter Size) or larger
  • Wind Gusts > 50 mph (estimated or measured)
  • Flooding
  • Any weather related damage
  • Any life threatening event
  • Do NOT report heavy rain or lighting

When Reporting:

  • Identify Yourself
  • Report event location, and be as specific as possible
  • Report the time of the observa tion

If you are monitoring the public services frequencies such as Police, Fire Departments or Sheriff's Departments, and hear of severe weather from one of these departments please contact net control with the information.

We ask that you follow this reporting procedures so we can keep unnecessary transmissions off the net so we can get the important information we need as quickly as possible to the Weather Service.

The Net Control Operator may at times ask for weather information from counties that might be experiencing severe weather at that moment or will have a storm approaching any moment.

The Net Control Operator will be giving out information to our mobile spotters so they can get to a severe weather area as quickly as possible and as safely as possible.

Wind Speed Estimates - Beaufort Scale

32-38 28-33 Near Gale Whole trees in motion, difficulty walking into wind
39-46 34-40 Gale Breaks twigs off trees, impedes progress, cars may veer on road
47-54 41-47 Strong Gale Slight Structual Damage (eg shingles blown from roofs)
55-63 48-55 Storm Shallow rooted trees blown over, considerable roof damage
64-72 56-63 Violent Storm Likely widespread structual damage (roofs peeled off, windows broken), Moving vehicles pushed off road
73-82 64-71 Hurricane Likely widespread structual damage (roofs peeled off, windows broken), Moving vehicles pushed off road


Fort Smith Area Amateur Radio Club

PO BOX 32 FORT SMITH AR 72902-0032