The Fort Smith Area Amateur Radio Club offers regular training classes for both Technician and General class licenses and VEC license testing. We also have a number of “Elmers” in the club to assist new hams getting on the air with a range of topics, including basic operating skills, station set up and use, QRP operating, contesting and antenna raising.

Check out the links on the below for more information about class schedules, VEC Testing, Elmers, and more.

Amateur Radio License Information

In order to transmit on the Amateur Radio bands, you need to hold the appropriate license. Currently, there are three license classes:

  • Technician
    • Limited mostly to the VHF bands and above, this is the entry level class which is achievable with some study of basic radio and electronic principles, safety and regulations governing amateur radio. You can study on your own with a wide range of reference material available (see links) or join a class hosted by a local club. The FSAARC usually runs a Technician class in the weeks leading up the the Hanging Judge Ham Fest in April each year.
  • General 
    • The General class license opens up the world of HF (High Frequency) operating, giving you access to “DX” (long distance) communications, contesting etc. The 35 question examination goes into a little more depth, and you need to complete the Technician examination as well.
  • Amateur Extra
    • For those interested in an in depth understanding of radio principles, operating and regulations, with access to all modes, frequencies and power levels, the Extra is for you. The 50 question examination is somewhat more challenging, but the achievement is well worth the effort. You also need to complete both the Technician and General class examinations.

For more information on Amateur Radio Licensing Classes, please follow this link to the FCC License Class page.

You no longer need to learn Morse Code to qualify for ANY license class. However, it can be fun and interesting, and is definitely a plus for certain amateur activities.

Please use the links on this page to get more information on amateur radio licensing, or send a message to the club webmaster using our Contact Us page.