The February Meeting of the FSAARC was called to order @ 7:02 pm by Rory Bowers, Club President.

Minutes from the January Club Meeting were presented and Approved.

John Annis WO0OOO Club Treasurer submitted the Treasurer’s Report: Beginning Balance of 9,370.74, one deposit of 374.66 from Paypal, Ending Balance of 9,745.40. Mike Bell made a Motion to approve, 2nd by Wayne Johnson, Motion approved unanimously.

Wayne Johnson gave a Report from the Repeater Committee, the Tulsa Link is back up. The Committee is still looking for 1/2″ Coax, after discussion the Repeater Committee Report was accepted.

OLD BUSINESS: Getting Internet service at the Repeater Site was discussed, but nothing has been located yet.

NEW BUSINESS: The Claremore Hamfest will be April 8th and 9th this year. Discussion was held about the Repeater Directory. Also Discussed was the Hanging Judge Hamfest for next year.

Mike Bell K5JMB made a Motion to Adjourn and the Meeting was adjourned @ 7:47 pm.

Respectfully Submitted
Steve Rutherford, WC5SR
FSAARC Secretary