Minutes of the Fort Smith Amateur Radio Club March 2021


March 15, 2021

Conference Call Meeting

Meeting was called to order @ 7:00 pm by Rory Bowers, Club President, there were at least 12 People on the Conference Call.

Minutes – No Minutes from previous meeting, due to Secretary not being able to be on the Call.

Treasurer’s Report by John Annis:

          Beginning Balance:  7,391.11

Deposits                                   24.15  Pay Pal

Payments                                 45.00    Electric

                                               100.00   Tower Rental

                                               323.20  Maintenance

           Ending Balance       $6,947.20 

Treasurer’s Report Approved Unanimously

Repeater Report –  Everything is OK with Repeaters, Electricity had been off because of ICE, everything is back on now.

Old Business – None

New Business –  Election of Officers, the Current Officers were all re-elected to their positions.

Discussion was held about Setting a New Website for the Club.

K5JMB made a Motion that the Meeting be adjourned, it was approved unanimously.

Respectfully Submitted:  Steve Rutherford WC5SR

                                        FSAARC Secretary.