The FSAARC mail list is an email list that is intended to allow FSAARC Club Members to send a message to all subscribed members and receive emails from other members.
is intended to passing information of interest to club members, such as Announcements, Club Events, News etc. Please read below for more information.

The email list web site can be found at if you would prefer to use your own email
that is installed on your device you can use the addresses below.

Group Email Addresses – Uses email client

If you are a FSAARC member and would like to be added to the mail list, please email the list administrator
with your name and call so we can validate your membership. You will receive an email notification when you have been subscribed to the list.

What to Post
  • You should post anything that may be of interest to members of the FSAARC.
  • Anything to do with Amateur Radio
  • News and Community Items to do with Western Arkansas & Eastern Oklahoma
  • Other topics of general interest to members such as weather, emergency response, computers, web development etc.
What NOT to Post
  • Inappropriate, offensive or obscene items (same definition as for on air communications).
  • Commercial Advertising or Solicitations (SPAM)
  • Political endorsements, discussion, comentary, etc.
  • Opinion based items that do not have broad appeal to the members of the FSAARC
General Information on the Mail List
  • Anything you post will be posted to all members of the list, and be permanently stored in the list archive.
  • Any inappropriate posting, including spam, may result in you being unsubscribed from the list.
  • The list will work better if you use text only email, however HTML is supported.
  • You can post attachments up to 5MB in size. Any inappropriate attachments may also result in you being unsubscribed.
  • This is a closed list, which means only members already subscribed can post to the list. If you have not received a subscription confirmation, please email me.
  • The list is NOT moderated – so your posts will go out immediately. Be mindful of what you send.
  • You can only post with the email account that we have subscribed to the list.
  • If you would like to change your email account to a different one, please email the List Administrator by clicking on the link above.