The May 2023 Meeting of the FSAARC was Called to Order @ 4:35 pm on May 13th 2023 by Club President Dennis Robinson at our Annual Club Picnic. We did Introductions of those attending there were 18 Members attending, and several spouses.

The Minutes from the April Meeting were posted on the CLUB WEBSITE, KI7AY – Jim made a Motion to approve the Minutes as printed, Motion was Seconded and Approved.

The Treasurer’s Report was Presented & Approved

Repeater Committee – Presented

Old Business – NONE

New Business – Discussion about Field Day, ARRL VHF DAY, ARKANSAS QSO Party was held several are planning on meeting.
A Memorial Celebration for Rory Bowers, Deceased Club President will be held on April 20th at the Rose Room at Creekmore Park from 11:00 am until 2:00 pm. Everyone is invited to come.

Motion to Adjourn the Meeting was @ 4:47 pm. Motion was Approved.

Respectfully Submitted
Steve Rutherford, WC5SR
FSAARC Secretary