Minutes of the Fort Smith Amateur Radio Club July 2021


The Monthly Meeting of the FSAARC was held on July 19, 2021 at the Encompass Hospital Meeting Room.  There were 12 members present for the Meeting.  The Meeting was called to order @ 7:04 pm by Rory Bowers with 12 Members Present.  The previous Months Minutes were Posted on the Website, Motion by Ray Armstrong K5BYN to approve the Minutes as Posted, Seconded by Jim Roughley K5JUC and approved unanimously.

The Treasurer’s Report was presented by John Annis, Motion was made to approve the Report as Presented by Mike Ford KK5LZ, Seconded by Ray Armstrong K5BYN and approved Unanimously.

Rory Bowers K5CKS presented the Repeater Report – The Report from the Leflore County Sheriff’s Office was made the Report Number is #492,  the Estimate for Repair is $9,700.00 total Cost. 

Old Business – NONE

New Business – Discussion was held concerning the Repairs needed for the Repeater Damage, after a lengthy discussion, Ray Armstrong K5BYN made a Motion to approve the repairs needed to get the Repeater back on the air, motion was seconded and the Motion was approved Unanimously.

Discussion was held concerning purchasing SECURITY SIGNS for the Repeater Site, Motion by Ray Armstrong K5BYN to purchase the Signs, seconded by John Samuels W5ATW and Approved Unanimously.

There was no other Business.

Mike Bell K5JMB made the Motion to Adjourn and it was approved Unanimously.

Meeting was adjourned @ 8:04 pm

Respectfully Submitted by  Steve Rutherford, WC5SR

                                             FSAARC Secretary