The October Monthly Meeting of the Fort Smith Area Amateur Radio Club was called to order @ 7:17 PM by Dennis Robinson, Vice-President with 10 Members present.

The Minutes from the September Meeting were Posted on the Website and also read by Steve Rutherford, Club Secretary, Gary McDuffie made a Motion to approve the minutes as presented, seconded by Jim Roughley, Motion was approved unanimously.

The Treasurer’s Report was presented by John Annis, Club Treasurer, Motion was made to approve the Treasurer’s Report by Gary McDuffie, Jim Roughley seconded the Motion and it was approved unanimously.

Repeater Report – Everything is OK at this time and is working good.

Old Business – NONE

New Business – Discussion was held about the Election of Officers for the FSAARC will be Next Month.

No Other Business – Jim Roughley made a Motion to Adjourn the Meeting and it was approved Unanimously @ 7:37

Respectfully Submitted by Steve Rutherford, FSAARC Secretary