It was a beautiful Saturday at the United States Marshals Museum in Fort Smith, AR, on the 19th of November, 2023.  That was FSAARC’s day there also, where about a dozen members set up four stations to operate K5M. A Special Events Station honoring and promoting the museum.  One station was set up on SSB, one on CW, one on FT-8, one working remotely through W6OEM’s home station, and one on 2M FM through the Kansas City digital talk group.

President WX5DR brought his portable tower which served as the end anchor point for one antenna, a G5RV, and others set up a collapsible mast for the wire antenna.  Three tables were positioned right on the glass overlooking the Arkansas River.  The group which included WX5DR and W6OEM, essentially chairing the event, had K5JUC, KI7AY, KE5TC, K5JMB, K5PWR, WB5OTR and W5SJ helping with antennas and operating.  The stations had a museum approved narrative to share with the 127 contacts that were made on all modes, to promote the museum, and to invite contacts to visit our area. 

It is hoped that the museum was sufficiently impressed to allow us to repeat this public service again next fall. 

Marshal's Museum 2023


QSLs from the event: