Minutes of the August 2012 meeting of the Fort Smith Area Amateur Radio Club

Aug. 20 meeting of the FSAARC

The monthly meeting of the FSAARC was called to order on Monday Aug. 20 at 7pm by Jimmie Lowrey (W5JNL / President).

There was a motion on the floor to accept the minutes and financial   information presented by Rick Deaton (K5RRD / Treasurer) which was voted on and carried.

Mike Cole (W5TMC) then brought to the clubs attention as a reminder of the upcoming October club meeting and picnic with the date, time and location.

The floor was then turned over to John Samuels (W5ATW / Van Committee Chairperson) who discussed the mechanical condition of the clubs van and explained the van door mechanism had to be replaced and asked the club to reimburse him as well as discuss the need to replace the shocks as well as the stabilizer bar bushings. The floor was then turned over to Wayne Johnson (W5OFN / Van Chair Person) who spoke about the prices for NEW tires for the van and also brought to the clubs attention that the van also needed a NEW battery. There was then a lengthy discussion on the floor by the club members about the use of the van and its importance and came to the agreement to vote on and accept the allowed cost of the vans mechanical repair and upgrade. Also during this discussion John Samuels ( W5ATW ) mentioned adding David Overton (K5DFO) and Rory Bowers (K6CKS) and himself to the insurance. There was also another motion brought forth to the club to purchase UV protective wheel covers and was voted on and accepted.

The floor was then turned over to Rowery Bowers (K6CKS) who discussed and explained the ongoing problem with a local Police Dept. having a problem with their repeater causing major interference on the local amateur 2 meter band.

The NEW business brought to the floor concerned some information about the Octoberfest with the club looking for volunteers to help with parking as well as welcoming two visitors to the club meeting by everyone introducing themselves. John Samuels ( W5ATW ) also gave the group some information about the Technician License Classes they were having in Poteau Oklahoma as well as the progression of the 145.410 repeater soon to be on the air and also spoke briefly about the 442.250 repeater link system being online.

Randy Baggot (KG5NE) brought to everyone’s attention that there were only a few tables available left for the Queen Willamena Hamfest and if we were interested in getting a table to get in touch with him after the club meeting.

The floor was again open for NEW business and a motion to adjourn was made by Mike Bell (K5JMB) and was voted on and accepted. Meeting adjourned at 8:04pm.

We then had a program about Log Book of the World ( LoTW ) facilitated by Jay Bromley (W5JAY) to cap off the evening.