Minutes of the January 2014 meeting of the Fort Smith Area Amateur Radio Club

January 18, 2014 January Banquet FSAARC Minutes

At 6:00 p.m. Incoming VP Mike Cole, W5TMC, began the meeting by having the attendees introduce themselves. Incoming Secretary- Jeff Ricketts, K5KDX, made a head count of 60 people attending the banquet.

David Overton, K5DFO out-going VP of the FSAARC took over the presidential duties as the outgoing President, Corey Freeman, K5GTO was not present. VP Overton asked for a motion to accept last month’s club minutes as posted on the website. The motion to accept the minutes was made by Art Sellers, W3TZ and seconded by John Samuels, W5ATW. Motion was passed with no objections. The treasurer’s report was made by Rory Bowers, K6CKS. Club’s opening balance was $5,411.39. Current balance is $5,626.39. Paypal balance is $243.06. K6CKS advises that the club is in better shape financially now than we were this time last year. No motion was made on accepting the treasurer’s report. Old business was brought up next. Charles Floyd, W5JE, brought up the subject of Field Day 2014. Complaints had been made about restroom accommodations at Bell Park in Greenwood. Joel Goldstein, W5GOL, on the Greenwood Parks staff has reserved areas for the club at Bell Park for us to have Field Day there again if the club members so choose with adequate accommodations. W5JE made a motion to have Field Day 2014 at Bell Park with Wayne Johnson, W5OFN seconding the motion. The motion carried without opposition. W5ATW thanked W5GOL for his efforts. K5DFO then asked W5OFN if he had a repeater committee report and Wayne had none. K5DFO discussed the new National Weather Service’s changes in their wording about the warnings they issue. There was an article in the Southwest Times Record newspaper today (1-18-14) about this change and K5DFO suggested those interested, read the article. K5DFO asked for the attendees to thank W5TMC for getting the banquet all planned out and handled on the club members behalf as well as keeping everyone abreast of the banquet and encouraging folks to attend. K5DFO asked about the installation of the new officers and there was no ceremony for installing officers and proclaimed, They’re installed.W5TMC then took the floor to thank K5GTO for being club president. He thanked K5DFO for being club VP for the past 3 years. Thanks were given to K6CKS for the job done as club treasurer. Mike thanked David Treat, W5DJT for assisting him on the secretarial issues and getting the minutes posted to the website in spite of all the misspelled words! No new business was brought up and then K5DFO motioned the meeting be adjourned with W3TZ seconding the motion.

Addendum: Shortly afterward new club President Jimmy Lowrey, W5JNL arrived. All attendees had dinner and W5JNL then made the presentations to club members as polled and outgoing officers:

Rookie of the Year 2013:       Tie—- W5GOL- Joel Goldstein   and W5EMP  James Woods Jr.

Elmer of the Year 2013:     W5JAY  Jay Bromley

Ham of the Year 2013:     W5TMC  Mike Cole

Alligator of the Year 2013:   WQ5R  Gary McCrory

Certificates were presented to W5TMC and K6CKS for their service as club officers for the past year. Placques were presented to K5GTO and K5DFO for their service as club officers for the past year.