Minutes of the July 2014 meeting of the Fort Smith Area Amateur Radio Club

FSAARC Minutes: 07/21/14

Meeting called to order: Chuck Johnson N5JUD 7 pm

Secretary Report: Motion to approve as posted: Mike Bell, K5JMB

Second Royce, KE5TC
Vote, approved

Treasure Report: Hamfest $1300 plus rebates, Club $4568.27, Balance $5868.27
No outstanding bills except for Field Day.
Motion to approve: Mike Bell, K5JMB, Second Wayne Johnson, W5OFN

Repeater Committee report: no new activities

Van Committee report: Gregg, (KD5YCG) has done some work on the van and the committee is thankful to him for this. It was suggested that a check list for the van of things that need to be checked before and after an activity be placed in the van. John Samuels, W5ATW will coordinate this list through the van committee.

Field Day Report: Chuck’s comments were that it seemed that everyone had an enjoyable time, especially the Saturday night dinner!

New Business: Art, W3TZ, Suggested that the club donate to the ARRL Spectrum Fund. After some discussion, Art made a motion that the club to donate $100 to the ARRL Spectrum Fund. Motion was seconded by John, W5ATW. Motion Passed.

There being no other business before the meeting, Mike, K5JMB made the motion to adjourn and was seconded by Wayne, W5OFN. Motion Passed meeting adjourned 7:20 pm

Royce, KE5TC