Minutes of the July 2015 meeting of the Fort Smith Area Amateur Radio Club


July 20, 2015 MEETING


The F.S.A.A.R.C. June Meeting was called to order at 7:00 pm by Jimmie Lowery, W5JNL, Club President.

The Minutes from the June Meeting were published on the FSSARC website, Charles Floyd W5JE made a motion to approve the Minutes as printed, motion was seconded and approved unanimously.

Cathy Haugh KF5UYT, Club Treasurer presented the Treasurer’s Report we had a beginning balance of $5701.59 and a deposit and a deposit of $321.00 making a total of $6022.59, we had expenses this month of $328.97 leaving an ending total of $5693.62. Wayne Johnson W5OFN made a motion to accept the Treasurer’s Report as Presented, motion was seconded and approved Unanimously.

Wayne Johnson, W5OFN presented the Repeater Committee Report, the grass has been mowed at the Repeater Site, however there is a Water Leak, there are limbs down so we will need another work day when it is cooler. He also said we need to look into getting some tile to put under the batteries there at the Repeater Site. Wayne also said that he had purchased two (2) Repeaters from Corey Freeman and John Samuels W5ATW also purchased two (2) of the Motorola Repeaters from Corey. These can be used to update our Repeaters as needed.

Charles Floyd W5JE made a motion to pay both Wayne Johnson and John Samuels each $150.00 that they spent to pay for the repeaters. Motion was seconded, John Samuels then asked that he not be paid at this time for the repeaters, Charles then amended his motion to pay Wayne Johnson, $150.00 for the 2 repeaters that he purchased, his motion was again seconded and passed unanimously.

A question was asked about the New Yaesu Repeater that was to be purchased, Jimmie Lowery stated that he had heard nothing from Yaesu, so was not sure about this.

Wayne Johnson W5OFN reported for the Van Committee that Sebastian County has accepted the transfer of Ownership of the Van. Jimmie Lowery will be getting a Bill of Sale ready and Wayne said he had the Title for the Van. FSAARC will be able to use the van as needed as it is available.

Mike Cole W5TMC then presented the Activities Report, the General Class will be continuing until August. He also asked all members of the club to be thinking if any would want to work Contest as W5ANR and we will discuss it at the next meeting in August.

Upcoming Events:        Oklahoma City Hamfest – July

                                      Joplin Hamfest   – August

                                      Queen Wilhemena – September

Mike also thanked everyone who worked and participated at Field Day and a Special thanks to Ronnie Ross KD6RYO, for providing the ICE for Field Day.

Old Business: Charles Floyd W5JE advised that at the present time he is still an Official Card Checker should anyone need his help

New Business: Remember we will need to have a workday when it is cooler, also Mike Cole W5TMC mentioned that the problems with the Freelist and other things on the FSAARC Website are being fixed. Mike also said that David Norris should know positively that we will be the Delta Division Convention this next year.

Motion to Adjourn the meeting made by Mike Bell W5JMB, motion was seconded and approved unanimously.

Respectfully Submitted

Steve Rutherford

Club Secretary