Minutes of the June 2013 meeting of the Fort Smith Area Amateur Radio Club

June 17, 2013

The meeting of the Ft. Smith Area Amateur Radio Club for the month of June 2013 was called to order by club president Corey Freeman at 7:05pm.

Corey then turned the floor over to Rory Bowers for the clubs financial report. Rory then mentioned that there were two financial reports to report due to not being able to attend the May meeting. He then gave both reports for the months of May and June.


The May meeting was held with Corey Freeman being the only club officer in attendance along with five other members due to a severe weather event in which kept most of the normal club members unable to attend.

The floor was then turned over to the repeater committee in which Wayne Johnson and John Samuels mentioned that everything was OK and didn’t have anything to report.

The floor was opened for discussion and Corey then asked about what we as a club wanted to do for the annual Field Day event. After a lengthy discussion it was decided to again to set up and operate at Belle Park in Greenwood Arkansas with four main stations in operations ie a CW, two RTTY, and a Forty and Seventy Five meter SSB station along with a Ten, Fifteen and Twenty meter SSB station.

We then discussed the possibility of having a six pm meal and decided not to have the meal this year.

There was a short discussion about the club van being in good operation for Field Day and John Samuels mentioned that Friday before the event the Vans telescoping mast may   needed lubricated and the generators oil needed changed and it would be taken care of that day.

Also, as a short note Randy Baggott has asked the Field Day Chair person (Charles Floyd) to send him the FD logs after submitting them to the ARRL so he again would have them for check logs.

The floor was then opened for new business and Mike Bell made a motion to adjourn and was voted on and carried.

Respectably submitted by Mike Cole (Secretary)