Minutes of the November 2012 meeting of the Fort Smith Area Amateur Radio Club

The Fort Smith Area Amateur Radio Club held its monthly meeting at 7:00 P.M. on Monday, November 19, 2012 in the Health South Rehabilitation Hospital conference room. President Jimmie Lowery (W5JNL) was away on a business trip. Vice President David Overton (K5DFO) called the meeting to order and immediately called for officer’s reports.


The acting secretary, Mike Cole (W5TMC) was not able to attend. It was noted that since the October meeting and annual picnic was attended by only eight members and guests, no meeting had been called to order and no October minutes were created. The September minutes have not been approved and will need to be brought before the membership during the December meeting as will these minutes from the November meeting.


Treasurer, Rick Deaton (K5RRD) reported a balance of $5337.34 in the club’s account. Those in attendance voted to approve the report.

Overton then called for committee reports to be given.


The Repeater committee spokesman Rory Bowers (N6CKS) reported that although the 220 repeater on Cavanal Hill was turned on, tuned properly, and could be working well, it was currently connected to a dummy load due to a direct short in its antenna system. He noted that the old system included an inexpensive (less than $100.00) fiberglass antenna that had been installed in the past three or four years and was already giving trouble that could damage the repeater.

He recommended purchasing a higher quality antenna with the purpose of extending times between antenna problems for the system. He told the group he had done some pricing among antenna dealers and through negotiations with one dealer had been able to receive a quote of $910 for a Telewave antenna. He indicated purchasing this antenna would be the recommendation of the repeater committee.

A brief discussion of the committee recommendation was held. Those in attendance voted not to purchase the Telewave Antenna.

Wayne Johnson (W5OFN) commented that the 220 machine has very limited use when it is operational. He moved that the club purchase and install another inexpensive antenna (similar to the one in place now) to use until more activity justified a more expensive antenna.

Mark Clayton (N5AZQ) said he used the repeater frequently when it was operational and he knew of several people from Northwest Arkansas who were asking when the repeater would come back up. He believed a moderately priced (+/- $250) antenna would be appropriate to make the repair.

John Samuels (W5ATW) stated the problem with the current antenna might simply be with water in the hard line connections at the bottom of the antenna. He recommended waiting on any antenna purchase until someone could climb the tower and see what action would need to be taken. He indicated there was a work group going up to the tower site on November 24th who could make that determination.

Johnson indicated he would withdraw his motion. Mike Bell, (K5JMB) who had seconded the motion, agreed and the motion was removed from discussion.


Wayne Johnson said there was no activity to report regarding the Weather/EOC committee.


Activities Coordinator Mike Cole (W5TMC) was unable to attend the meeting. It was noted that the January meeting would be the annual banquet at Big Jakes Steakhouse in Van Buren.

Old Business

Under the topic of old business, Rick Deaton reminded the group that the tires had yet to be purchased for the Club’s response van. Plans are to have the tires mounted and ready to go within the next two weeks. An $800.00 expenditure was approved for this project in an earlier meeting.

New Business

Under New Business, nominations for officers were held. It is noted that this nomination process should have been held at the October meeting with elections taking place at the November meeting. Again, as is noted above, the October meeting did not take place.

During the nomination process the following slate of officers was selected:

President, Cory Freeman / K5GTO

Vice President, David Overton / K5DFO

Treasurer, Rory Bowers / N6CKS

Secretary, Mike Cole / W5TMC

After the first three of the above nominees were in place, the nomination process paused briefly while Rick Deaton made a phone call to Mike Cole to see if he would serve as secretary. The time during the delay was used to let members give their call signs and home locations as two prospective members were present.   Deaton returned to say Cole would accept the nomination as secretary. Cole’s name was added to the list of those nominated for 2013.

There being no other nominations, it was moved to elect these individuals by acclamation. Overton called for the vote and the 2013 officers were elected unanimously.

It appeared that there was no other club business to be brought forth. Mike Bell called for adjournment of the meeting. After a quick second the membership voted to close the meeting.

Submitted by David Overton