Minutes of the October 2016 meeting of the Fort Smith Area Amateur Radio Club

OCTOBER 15, 2016

The October Meeting of the Fort Smith Area Amateur Radio Club was called to order @ 1:41 pm on October 15, 2016.
The Minutes were printed out and a copy given to each member present, Joel Goldstein W5GOL made a Motion to approve the Minutes as presented, Wayne Johnson, W5OFN seconded the Motion, the Motion to Approve was Approved Unanimously.
Cathy Haugh, Club Treasurer presented the Treasurer’s Report, she reported a Starting Balance of $5,320.90 with one deposit of $27.00 and one Check written for the Electric Bill at the Repeater for $37.00 leaving an Ending Balance of $5,310.90.  Motion to approve was by Jim Weaver KM5YV, Mike Cole W5TMC seconded the Motion, and the Treasurer’s Report was approved Unanimously.
Wayne Johnson W5OFN gave the Repeater Committee Report, they are going to be having a Work Day soon so the work needed can be completed, a discussion was held concerning what work was needed and when it would be done.  Wayne advised he would get in touch with those wanting to help on a day and time.
Mike Cole W5TMC gave the Activity Report, stating that the January Meeting will be on Saturday January 21st at 6:00 pm.  This meeting will be held at the Western Sizzlin on Towson Avenue in Ft Smith.  The Award Winners for the Yearly Awards will be given out at this meeting.  Mike also mention the HAMFEST, which will be April 1st this year.  Embroidered Memories and Ham Crazy are 2 of the vendors he is contacting this year, if members have any other suggestions let him know.

Steve Rutherford, Club Treasurer stated that for those who have ordered T Shirts and have not received them yet, that the order was LOST and for those who wanted to reorder to contact him.

Jimmie Lowrey W5JNL, Club President opened the Floor for Nominations for officers for the Upcoming Year
Nominations for President:
Mike Cole W5TMC, nominated by Wayne Johnson W5OFN,
Richard Davidson, W5ACP, nominated by himself
Motion by Joel Goldstein W5GOL to Close Nominations for President, seconded by Bill PriakosW5SJ,  motion was approved Unanimously.
Nominations for Vice-President:
Richard Davidson W5ACP, nominated by himself
Rory Bowers K5CKS, nominated by Mike Cole W5TMC
Motion by Jim Weaver KM5YV to close nominations for Vice President, seconded by Richard Davidson, W5ACP,  approved unanimously.
Nominations for Secretary:
Cheri Van Syckle KG5EFB
Steve Rutherford WC5SR
Motion by Richard Davidson, W5ACP to close nominations for Secretary, motion was approved unanimously.
Nominations for Treasurer:
Cathy Haugh was nominated for Treasurer, motion was made to close nominations for Treasurer, motion was approved unanimously.

Wayne Johnson, W5OFN made a motion to adjourn the Business Session, that Motion was approved unanimously.

Respectfully Submitted;
Steve Rutherford
F.S.A.A.R.C.  Secretary