Minutes of the Fort Smith Amateur Radio Club November 2020

Meeting Called to Order @ 7:03 pm by K5CKS Club President, there was a Quorum on the Call. 

The Minutes were posted on the FSAARC Website, they were approved unanimously.

John Annis W0O000, Club Treasurer presented the Treasurer’s Report

Beginning Balance      $2552.22

Received                              50.00    Dues

Paid Out                               50.00    Electric Bill

                                               64.70    Flowers for Carol Johnson Funeral

Ending Balance               $2187.72

Repeater Report:  Sycamore Repeater 145.410 is still down. 

No New Business

W5JMB made a Motion to Adjourn, it was approved unanimously & Meeting was adjourned.

Steve Rutherford WC5SR, Club Secretary