You can pay your FSAARC Membership and ARRL membership dues using PayPal. Each time you click on one of the options below, you’ll be taken to the FSAARC PayPal Shopping Cart. This is a SECURE webpage, and none of the information you supply is ever visible to the club or any of its members. PayPal accepts payment from all major credit cards, or you can use your own PayPal account if you have one.

To return to this page and add more items, just click the Continue Shopping button on the PayPal page.

The standard FSAARC Membership now includes ALL your family members. Please put all your family member’s names and call signs in the text fields before clicking on the Add to Cart button.


  • Enter Member name(s) and call sign(s) then click the  Add to Cart Button.
  • Return to this screen by clicking the Continue Shopping button on the PayPal Shopping Cart Screen.
  • Add optional ARRL Membership OR ARRL Senior Membership if desired.
  • Add additional ARRL family members, one at a time, if desired.Include their name and call sign.
  • View Cart and check out when you’re done.
  • You can edit your cart to remove items or return to this page and add more items at any time.
  • Please contact the webmaster if you have any problems with this process.
  • If you are a new member, print out the application form, fill in and mail to the address on the bottom.


FSAARC Membership Dues – $25.00 per year

Name(s) Call Sign(s)

Optional ARRL Membership – $39.00 per year

Only add this if you want to renew your ARRL Membership through the club.

Name Call Sign

Optional ARRL Senior Membership – $36.00 per year

Use instead of ARRL Membership if you’re age 65 or over:

Name Call Sign

ARRL Family Member – $8.00 per family member

Add each additional family member separately:

Name Call Sign