Minutes of the Fort Smith Amateur Radio Club August 2017

The August 2017 meeting of the Fort Smith Area Amateur Radio Club was called to order by Club President Mike Cole W5TMC @ 7:01 pm on August 21, 2017.Due to the absence of the Club Treasurer, Steve Rutherford presented the Treasurer’s Report submitted by Cathy Haugh, KF5UYT Club Treasurer.

Beginning Balance:   $5,445.28

Deposits Since Last Meeting

Donations  $22.00

50/50:         $22.00

Total:                          $44.00

NEW BALANCE     $5,489.28

Bill Paid

Repeater Electric        $43.00

ENDING BALANCE       $5,446.28

Jim Darrough KI7AY, made a Motion to accept the Treasurer’s Report, Second by John Samuels W5ATW, Motion was approved unanimously.

Steve Rutherford WC5SR shared that the Minutes were posted on the Club Website, Jim Weaver KM5YV made a Motion to approve the Minutes as presented on the website, Kim Darrough seconded the Motion and it was approved unanimously.

Everyone at the meeting then introduced themselves.


Repeater Committee report was given by Wayne Johnson W5OFN, Chairman of the Committee, the first recommendation of the Committee was that moving of the 34 and 94 Repeaters should be disapproved due to an Engineering Study that was done on request of the Repeater Committee.  The Report done by Telewave Inc. said because of an intermodulation  Distortion Products, the equipment that would be needed to fix this problem would cost approximately $5,800.00.  The Repeater Committee has come up with an alternate plan to move the 34/94 repeaters to the 145.110 repeater location.  The Repeater Committee as a whole Respectfully make a Motion to Approve this Plan.  Jim Darrough KI7AY made a Motion to approve this Plan, Jim Weaver KM5YV seconded the Motion a vote was made and the Motion was approved by the Majority of the Members voting.

Also discussed was the need to Purchase some Batteries for the Repeater location, after discussion Jim Weaver KM5YV said he would do some checking on getting some batteries purchased at a good price and report back to the club. .

Also discussed was the need for a Fan at the Repeater Site and also a Shop Vac, these will also be looked into.  Wayne also advised that the wires that had been loose had been reconnected.  Also the need for NO TRESPASSING signs was discussed. 


Mac McDonald AB5SG offered the use of the Sebastian County EOC for the HAMFEST after discussion about this, David Overton K5DFO made a Motion to move the Hamfest to the EOC, motion was seconded by Richard Davidson W5ACP, motion was approved unanimously.

Jim Weaver presented information from the Arkansas Department of Finance and Administration concerning the Tax Issues concerning the Raffles and 50/50 Drawing that we have been holding at Club Meetings.  After a time of Discussion Steve Rutherford WC5SR said that he would contact an Attorney about what we could and could not do!

Joe Stokes, the VEC for FSAARC mentioned that on the FCC Form 605 now required an answer for applicants for a License/Upgrade now had to answer a question about any previous Felony Convictions. 

Mike Bell K5JMB made a Motion to Adjourn the Meeting, it was approved Unanimously.