Minutes of the Fort Smith Amateur Radio Club June 2021

The June 2021 Meeting of the FSAARC was called to order at 7:05 PM by Club President Rory Bowers with a total of 8 people attending. 

The Minutes from the Previous Meeting were Posted on the Clubs Website, Mike Bell K5JMB made a Motion to approve the Minutes, Seconded by Wayne Johnson W5OFN and were approved.

John Annis WO0OOO Club Treasurer presented the Treasurer’s Report: 

MAY 2021 –  BEGINNING BALANCE – $7,059.59

$17.00 in Donations

$302.72 Spent

     Insurance             275.73

     Electric                    50.00

     Domain Renewal     10.99

     Web Hosting           74.25

     Postal Expenses      188.00

                             ENDING BALANCE     6,756.87

JUNE 2021  –      BEGINNING BALANCE  6,756.87

      PayPal Deposit          24.15

$49.00 Spent (Electric)

                                ENDING BALANCE   6,732.02

Joel Goldstein W5GOL made a Motion to accept the Treasurer’s Report, Seconded by Ed Freeman W5LLX, Motion was APPROVED.

REPEATER COMMITTEE REPORT –  Rory Bowers presented this Report, everything is working OK.

OLD BUSINESS –  The UPDATING OF THE WEBSITE was Discussed, it is being worked on at this time, don’t have a timeline yet when it will be completed.

Rory also mentioned that we DO NOT have a Vice-President for the FSAARC at this time, in the July Meeting we will hopefully be able to Elect a New FSAARC Vice President, nominations can be sent by email.

NEW BUSINESS:  Discussion about the Difficulties about getting on to the Club’s website, hopefully will be resolved shortly.

Mike Bell K5JMB Made a Motion to Adjourn,  Motion was approved and the Meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully Submitted 

Steve Rutherford WC5SR, FSAARC Secretary.