Minutes of the Fort Smith Amateur Radio Club March 2019

The March 2019 Meeting of the FSAARC was called to order at 7:06 pm by Jimmie Lowrey W5JNL, Club President.

The Minutes of the February Meeting were posted on the website, motion made by Joe Stokes K5JPS to approve the minutes as posted, seconded by Jim Darrough KI7AY and was approved unanimously.

John Annis WO0OOO Club Treasurer presented the Treasurers reports as follows:

  Fort Smith Amateur Radio Club      
  12-Month Cash Flow      
    Period Beginning 1/1/19 2/1/19
    Period Ending 1/31/19 2/28/19
    Cash at Beginning of Period 5,411.85 5,232.56
    Cash at End of Period 5,232.56 3,269.62
  Operations   Jan 2019 Feb 2019
Cash receipts from    
  + Dues – Not included in PayPal   $325.00
  + 50/50   $108.00
  + Donations    
  + Raffles   $45.00
  + Amazon Smile   $7.34
  + Reimbursable Expenses (ARRL Outgoing, raffle prizes, etc.)   $115.00
  + Current Balance $48.30  
  + Transferred to Checking $265.65 $230.70
  + Ticket Sales    
  + Food Sales    
  + Donations    
  + Table Preregistration (PayPal)    
  + Table Preregistration (Cash or Check)    
Cash paid for    
  Electric $43.00 $43.00
  Tower Rental   $100.00
  Domain Renewal (www.fsaarc.org)   $15.99
  Domain Renewal (www.hangingjudgehamfest.com) $15.99  
  Web Hosting Renewal    
  Door Prizes   $2,500.00
  Rentals and Deposits $434.25  
  AARL Outgoing QSL   $115.00
  Postal Supplies    
  General operating and admin expenses   $19.99
  Income taxes    
  Net Cash Flow from Operations   -$179.29 -$1,962.94

Joel Goldstein W5GOL made a Motion to approve the Treasurer’s Report, seconded by Mike Bell K5JMB, Motion was approved unanimously.

Repeater Committee Report – None

Activities – Mike Cole W5TMC presented a report about the upcoming Hamfest, we will be gathering on Friday Evening @ about 6:00 pm to set up tables for the Hamfest and then take them down on Saturday after the Hamfest is over. Steve Rutherford WC5SR reminded all of the VE’s that we would like to have their help during the TESTING period of the Hamfest which will begin @ 9:00 AM.

Old Business – NONE

New Business – Randy Pugh AA5OA requested input on possible starting a 10 Meter net, it will probably be on 28.350 and will occur on Saturday’s everyone seeded to think it was a good idea, so Randy will try to get it set up and started.

Jim Darrough KI7AY said that he was close to getting APRS set up on the Mt. Magazine Repeater.

A Question was asked about the FOX HUNT, Jim Weaver was not present so no information was available.

Mike Cole W5TMC wanted to ask for Presentations to be presented after Club Meetings when possible.

Mike Bell K5JMB made a Motion to Adjourn, motion was approved Unanimously, Meeting was adjourned @ 7:47 PM.

Respectfully Submitted;

Steve Rutherford WC5SR

FSAARC Secretary