Minutes of the Fort Smith Amateur Radio Club August 2020

Meeting was called to order at 7:00 pm by Rory Bowers K5CKS Club President, there were 13 Members online for the Meeting.

Minutes were on Website:  W5GOL made a Motion to approve the minutes, seconded by KI7AY and the Motion was Approved Unanimously. 

The Treasurer’s Report was presented by John Annis, Motion was made by KI7AY and Seconded by W5GOL to approve the Treasurer’s Report and it was Approved Unanimously. 

Beginning Balance – $2430.17,  Receipts – 75.00 Dues, 9.99 Amazon.com and 83.51 Paypal.  Bills paid – 50.00 Electric, 90.87 Rory Bowers fuel and shipping and supplies, 201.86 for equipment repair, ENDING BALANCE $2256.22

Rory Bowers reported on repeater repairs, Jerry Tuckers repeaters were struck by Lightning, they have now been repaired, reprogrammed and ready for installation,  The Sycamore Repeater has been serviced and is Back in Service.


NEW BUSINESS:  Discussion was held on Distributing the Prizes that were purchased for the HAMFEST that we have not been able to have.  The Cost of the Prizes totaled $2419.00.  After a long discussion a Motion was made to sell tickets for a Drawing to be Held if we are unable to host the HAMFEST, with a Minimum of 65 tickets that MUST BE SOLD @ $40.00 per ticket.  After giving away all of the smaller prizes ALL TICKETS will be put back in for the 2 Grand Prizes: ICOM 7300 and ID5100AD.  The money for the TICKETS must be collected before December 15th.  The VOTE was 11 yes to 2 Nays to conduct this RAFFLE of the Prizes IF the Minimum Tickets Sold reach 65.

K5JMB Made a Motion to Adjourn the ONLINE MEETING.

Respectfully Submitted:  Steve Rutherford WC5SR FSAARC Secretary